Completing Community Service Hours

Community service is defined as unpaid service to a governmental, charitable, or non-profit organization. The student is responsible for securing a site at which to perform the required service. Approval for the student’s selected site must be sought in advance; requests must be made, in writing, to your hearing officer. Your service may be performed on campus or in the local community. Political campaigns are not approved venues for community service. Community service performed as part of a campus organization or academic requirement is not approved.

A list of community service opportunities in Fairfax County can be found here.

Community service requirements must be completed within the time frame established in the decision notification. Requests for extensions are only considered in advance of a deadline and are granted only in extreme circumstances. If the sanction is not completed in the required time frame, the conduct officer may elect to add one additional hour for every two days (including weekends) during which the student is overdue in fulfilling the obligation.

Documentation reflecting the successful completion of your required service must be received by the Office of Student Conduct no later than the deadline established in your decision letter. It is important to note that proof is required directly from the individual supervising your service. The Office of Student Conduct will verify the completion of your community service before accepting the sanction as complete.