The purpose of an appeal is to ensure all parties that the original findings of fact, the reasoned integration of them, and the imposition of sanctions or other solutions are consistent with University policies and procedures.  If you have been found responsible for a violation of the Code of Student Conduct, are the respondent/complainant in a Sexual Misconduct case, or have been places on an interim status prior to a hearing ( i.e. interim suspension), you may submit an appeal. An appeal is not a rehearing. It is a written review of the original hearing.

Appeal an Interim Measure

To file an appeal, complete and submit the online appeal form. Please be sure to include all relevant information on the form or in an attachment that outlines the specific issues and rationale for the appeal, including any supporting information.

Appeal a Hearing Decision

To file an appeal, complete and submit the online appeal form. Please be sure to include all new and significant information on the form or in an attachment within five business days from the date of the decision.   Requests for an appeal will only be considered for one or more of the following:

  1. The discovery of new and material information that was unavailable at the time of the hearing that, had it been available, it would likely have resulted in a different outcome of either the findings or sanctions. Information is unavailable if it was not known or could not have been discovered by the party through the exercise of reasonable diligence prior to the hearing. A witness or party failing to appear at the hearing is not valid grounds for an appeal.
  2. Material procedural irregularity in any part of the hearing process that had a material and significant impact on the outcome of the process.
  3. Bias of the hearing officer or a CAB member or members, for reasons other than the stated rationale for the decision. or
  4. Severity of sanction(s).

Discontentment with a finding is never a valid reason for an appeal. It is the sole responsibility of the respondent to provide information to support the grounds for an appeal.

At the request of a student, and with the approval of the Office of Student Conduct, if the sanction(s) imposed include a housing suspension, university suspension or dismissal, or other restrictions, these sanctions will not be imposed until the appeal decision is rendered.  Students must make requests when filing an appeal on the Office of Student Conduct Website.

Appeal Decision

Once received, the appeal will be assigned to an appeal officer.  The appeal officer will first determine if the student or student organization has grounds for appeal based on the criteria above. It is the sole responsibility of the appealing student to provide information to support the grounds for an appeal.

If there are grounds for an appeal, the appeal officer may:

  1. affirm the original decision;
  2. remand the case for a new hearing;
  3. modify the findings;
  4. modify the sanctions; or
  5. modify both the findings and sanctions.

Students who file an appeal will typically be notified of the decision within fifteen (15) days of the appeal review.  However, the Office of Student Conduct reserves the right to extend this timeline as needed to complete the appeal. Students have the opportunity to submit one appeal per conduct case.

The decision of the Appeal Officer is final.

Please note: Students who have participated in the sexual misconduct process also have the ability to appeal a decision. Specific information on the sexual misconduct process can be accessed here: OSC Sexual Misconduct Process 2019-20.