Student Conduct Advisors

A student conduct advisor is a faculty or staff member at George Mason University who is trained to assist a student at any point during the student conduct process, such as attending a meeting or hearing with a student, asking questions during a Policy 1202 hearing, or assisting in writing an appeal.

Contacting an Advisor

You are encouraged to contact a student conduct advisor as soon as you decide to make use of this service. Please contact only one advisor at a time. Contacting a student conduct advisor well in advance of a meeting or administrative hearing will increase the opportunities you can meet with the advisor. Identify an advisor from the list below and email to schedule a meeting. It is recommended you have all relevant information (such as the incident report, e-mail notification of charges, etc.) available when you meet with an advisor.


How can an Advisor help?


  • Assist the student with compiling relevant information that can be presented at the hearing, including brainstorming a list of witnesses and relevant information.
  • For Policy 1202 cases, this information would have been included in the Final Investigation Report. Any new information that would have a significant impact on the findings or sanctions should be provided to the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, prior to the hearing.
  • Attend the prehearing meeting to review the process with the student.
  • Asist the student in preparing and practicing for the hearing.
  • Provide basic emotional support and referrals to appropriate resources.



  • Accompany student and quietly confer.
  • Assist the student in determining if a recess is needed. The student can request a recess during the hearing.
    Suggest questions that are relevant.
  • Assist in the student clarifying responses to questions.
  • In Policy 1202 cases, the advisor for each Party will be given the opportunity to ask questions of the other Party and any witnesses.


  • If requested, assist the student in writing and submitting an appeal. The grounds and process to appeal is available online at Appeals | Student Conduct | George Mason University (
  • Provide basic emotional support and referrals to appropriate resources.

Advisor List

Advisor InformationUniversity PositionDepartmentBrief Biography
Emilie B Dubert
DirectorContemporary Student ServicesEmilie Dubert (she/her/hers) has been serving as a student conduct advisor since 2019. She works full-time as the Director of Contemporary Student Services and as an adjunct professor for the Communication department. Emilie received her undergraduate degree in chemistry and secondary education from the University of Kansas and her master’s degree from George Mason University.
Glenda Cosby
Success CoachStudent Success Coaching
Louise Higgins
(703) 993-1968
Administrative AssistantContemporary Student ServicesLouise Higgins (she, her, hers) is the Office Manager for Contemporary Student Services. She is honored to support a dedicated and enthusiastic team devoted to all George Mason University students’ well-being. The most satisfying aspect of the job for Louise is helping students find the resources they need.
Moksheda Thapa
Contracts AdministratorOffice of Sponsored Programs
Olivia Jennifer Thompson
Administrative SpecialistHousing & Residence LifeI have worked as a student affairs professional off and on for the last decade- supporting students in my roles as in college as an RA, and then professionally as Resident Director, Hall Director and now Administrative Specialist. I have worked with various parts of the conduct process at other schools, mostly in mediation, resolution and referral. I am partnering with OSC at Mason so that I can help students learn to advocate for themselves, while in the sometimes in highly tense or sensitive situations. My job is to listen, answer questions and help whomever I am advising navigate the conduct processes as smoothly and successfully as possible.
Philip Mcdaniel
(703) 993-2909
Associate DirectorStudent Involvement
Sara M. Heming
(703) 993-2909
Associate DirectorStudent InvolvementSara Heming is an Associate Director in the Student Involvement primarily overseeing the Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), Student Government and TEDxGeorgeMasonU with 15 years of experience. She spends a good portion of her time implementing and evaluating policies, procedures, and guidelines that impact the student engagement experience at Mason. Sara is committed to the individuals she supervises and is continually seeking out opportunities that support professional development and staff members well-being.