Records Review

A ‘record review’ means an administrative examination of a student’s conduct file(s) for alteration or removal within the Office of Student Conduct.  The term ‘student’ is used throughout this document to refer to both current and former students, including alumni of George Mason University.

Student records are maintained by the University in accordance with the record keeping regulations of the Commonwealth of Virginia, federal guidelines, and University policy.  A student who desires a record review should submit a request (in writing) to the Office of Student Conduct at

To better assist the review process, students are encouraged to include the following information in a record review request:

  • Your future goal(s) as they relate to the records review request.
  • The types of activities, employment, or advances you have made since the time of the incident(s).
  • Any additional information that you would like to share with the review committee.

The records review process will be a paper review only. No in-person meeting(s) will occur with the requesting party.  At the discretion of the University, a  committee of neutral individuals may be convened to review the requested record(s) and make a recommendation to a member of the University Life senior administration.  The student will be advised in writing of the final outcome of the record review process.

If a student’s conduct record contains multiple records, the student may request that record(s) for a specific incident or case be considered for alteration or removal.  However, the University maintains the right to review a student’s cumulative record.

If a request to remove a record is totally or partially denied, a student may request subsequent review(s) after a period of two years from the date of the most recent review request.  A student may request a record review no more than three times.