Returning to Mason

Once a student has been separated from the institution, a hold is placed on the student’s account that limits their access to privileges associated with enrollment.  A student’s return to Mason is not automatic. Students must inform the Office of Student Conduct of a request to return to Mason.  This ‘intent to return’ email should be sent to the student’s original hearing officer or CAB Facilitator.

The time at which a student is eligible to return is detailed in each student’s decision letter. If the student has no other sanctions associated with the suspension, the student is eligible to submit an ‘intent to return’ on the 15th of November, April, or July, dependent on the last month of suspension (i.e., suspension through a fall semester would petition in November; through spring in April; through summer in July). For the student who has additional sanctions associated with the suspension (i.e., the decision letter states that a return to Mason must include documentation highlighting the successful completion of a specific sanction), the student is then eligible to to return upon successive completion of any associated sanctions. If you have specific questions regarding returning to Mason please contact your hearing officer directly.

It is important to note that all students receive an administrative trespass order in their notification of suspension. The administrative trespass prohibits a student’s presence on all buildings and grounds of the Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William campuses of George Mason University. Any violation of the administrative trespass order may result in additional charges under the Code of Student Conduct. In the event that a trespassed individual requires access to campus, a request for an exception to the trespass can be made, in writing, directly to the student’s hearing officer.