Frequently Asked Questions: Marijuana Policy

Q: Now that it is legal in Virginia to use and possess marijuana for students over the age of 21, will Mason change its policies against marijuana use and possession?

A: George Mason University’s Drug and Alcohol policy prohibits the use and possession of drugs on campus and within its programs and activities, and the federal government still considers marijuana to be an illicit drug. The University must abide by federal laws, including the Drug-Free Workplace Act and the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.

Accordingly, the University continues to prohibit the possession or use of marijuana on University property and in connection with University programs and activities off campus.


Q: Now that it is legal in Virginia for those 21 and over to use marijuana, shouldn’t I have the right to possess and use marijuana anywhere I want, including on campus?  What about my guests? 

A: Marijuana is still considered an illegal drug federally and it is prohibited from University property and in connection with its programs and activities away from campus.

In addition to students, University policy also prohibits guests and visitors from using, possessing, distributing, or being under the influence of marijuana while on University property or during University activities.

In addition, University Policy Number 2214- Campus Smoking/Vaping prohibits smoking in all University buildings, including student rooms or within 25 feet of a University building.


Q: Can I use medical marijuana on campus?

A: No. All marijuana is prohibited from University property regardless of the intended use. George Mason University encourages students to utilize Student Health Services regarding health concerns. Student Support and Advocacy Center can assist with substance use education, support, and resource referral as well as general information on alcohol and other drugs.


Q: Am I permitted to smoke marijuana in my residence hall room if I have permission from my roommate?

 A:  University policy prohibits residents from using, possessing, distributing, or being under the influence of marijuana while on University property, inclusive of the residence halls. In addition smoking is prohibited in all University buildings, removing or tampering with smoke detectors are a safety concern and violation of the Code of Student Conduct.  Although Virginia has legalized recreational use on private property for people over 21, it remains prohibited on campus, including your assigned residential room/assignment under federal law.


Q: What happens if I violate the marijuana policy?  

A: Violations of the Code of Conduct will result in a referral to the Office of Student Conduct.  Sanctions can range from warnings to disciplinary actions such as suspension and expulsion.

It is important to note that the University has a medical amnesty policy: We recognize that there may be times when excessive drinking and/or drug use becomes a medical emergency. Under our amnesty policy, students who seek medical attention (for themselves or for someone else) due to such an emergency will not face disciplinary action as a result of their consumption or possession of alcohol or drugs. Additional information can be located at medical amnesty policy.


Q: Where can I learn more about the Virginia Marijuana Law?



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Updated: July 1, 2021