COVID-19 and Student Conduct

The newest Masking guidelines for being on campus during the Spring 2022 semester were announced via email on March 4, 2022, effective immediately.   The following applies to all students:

  • Masks are optional at Mason, except
  • All indoor classrooms and class labs during scheduled classes and or/lab activity.
    • In health care facilities or designated waiting spaces for health care patients (for example, Student Health Services, COVID testing sites, Intercollegiate Athletics training and medical facilities, Peterson Population Health Center).
    • Students in quarantine and isolation as instructed by Student Health Services.
    • All indoor environments offering programs for minors.
    • In university-owned or operated mass or public-transit vehicles when others are present (for example, Mason shuttle, van pool vehicles, university-owned vehicles with multiple passengers).
  • Students may seek a medical exemption from wearing a mask at visit the Office of Disability Services.
  • Event organizers may specifically request masks be worn for events. Contact the event organization if you have questions. If masks are specifically requested, participants will be expected to adhere to the request.

Visit for  information.




  1. Does the change in mask guidance mean my previous masking violation/sanction is now void? No.  Previous masking violation/sanction will adhere to the policies, procedures and guidelines that were in effect the date of the incident.
  2. Do I no longer have to attend an upcoming hearing or complete a sanction if it was related to masking? You still need to attend your scheduled hearing and complete assigned sanctions. The revised guidelines became effective on March 4, 2022 therefore any hearing or sanctions prior were based on different guidelines and will still be processed based on the guidelines in effect during the date of incident.
  3. Should we expect other policy changes in this arena such as removal of testing requirements (Resident and Non-Resident)?  All testing requirements remain in place at this time.  Students must follow all existing guidelines.
  4. What if I want to continue to wear masks? People may still choose to wear masks at any time. Anyone on campus or visiting campus is welcome to wear a mask anywhere, if they feel safer doing so, and those personal and individual decisions demand our mutual respect and support.
  5. Where can I locate additional information on Mason’s Masking guidance: Face Coverings | George Mason University (



(prior to  March 4, 2022)

Students and student organizations referred to the student conduct process for failing to comply with University policies, regulations, and announcements related to COVID-19 should be aware that if found responsible, sanctions may include, but are not limited to:

  • Written warning
  • Research or reflective paper
  • Loss of privileges including, but not limited to, the inability to participate in a student organization
  • Behavioral agreement
  • Housing suspension for residents currently residing in on campus housing (including immediate removal)
  • Trespass from a specific location
  • Restrictions from classroom environments and course attendance
  • Suspension from the University
  • Dismissal from the University


Please note that a student’s prior conduct history will be considered in sanctioning. The University may also take immediate, interim action pending the outcome of a hearing.

For more information on Student Conduct policies and procedures, please review the Code of Student Conduct.